Green Program


We greatly reduce our environmental footprint by using only California Air Resources Board-compliant agents; utilizing renewable resources; and integrating recycled and composite materials into our products.

Formaldehyde. It is a product that occurs in nature, but it is not good for human ingestion. In fact, it is a carcinogen. Formaldehyde has long been used in adhesives as Urea Formaldehyde. Its chemical properties give adhesives great strength, but over time, it decomposes and is released into the air, filling our home environment with an unwanted and harmful chemical.

We care about your indoor air quality. For this reason, our products are compliant with the stringent regulations of CARB (California Air Resources Board), and once enacted, TSCA Title VI. In addition, you have the option for NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) materials.

Most of our hardwoods are sourced from forests in New York and Pennsylvania. Harvesting is performed in a controlled manner which causes the least amount of environmental impact. Also, since the source is close to home, less fossil fuels are burned to get the product from the forest to your home. We also have products that are classified as renewable resources by the United States Green Building Council.

These are products whose total time from seedling to maturity is less than 10 years. Recycled content is used in our Infinity line – a laminate product that has many benefits and looks great. Other products are available that are not made from solid wood, such as Textured Melamine, Thermofoil, and Acrylic.

We reduce our environmental footprint by managing material yield. All parts cutting is performed on a computerized beam saw to minimize miss-cuts. Finishes are mixed in small batches to minimize waste. All solid wood fall-offs are either used as samples or burned for heat during the winter months.
We have also introduced our Infinity line which uses recycled and composite materials – no trees are cut down to make Infinity products.