Limited Lifetime Warranty

Wellsford Cabinetry, Inc. warrants that our products will be free of defects in workmanship. Under conditions of normal household use, our products will conform, within acceptable tolerances, to applicable manufacturing specifications. This limited warranty applies only to products that are stored and handled in a controlled environment and installed in a professional manner.


Wellsford Cabinetry’s warranty is limited solely to the value of the original materials purchased from Wellsford and is further limited in amount to the purchase price paid for such materials. Should the original purchaser of Wellsford Cabinetry find and report defects due to workmanship, under normal use and service, Wellsford Cabinetry will have the option to repair or replace the defective cabinetry.

Wellsford Cabinetry will not be responsible for the payment of labor for the removal of the defective cabinetry, transportation or shipping costs incurred in providing or securing warranty service, or labor for the reinstallation of the repaired and/or replacement materials.

Natural characteristics in the wood (burls, grain patterns, pin knots, mineral deposits, sap, etc.) that fall within Wellsford Cabinetry’s specifications will not be considered defects.

Because the individual staves of the panel continue to contract and expand, lines may appear on solid wood panels, and offsets may develop from one stave to another. These will not be considered defective.

Joint fractures on frames and doors are not considered a defect. Flush side joint fractures are not considered a defect. Veneer splits are not considered defective, they are a natural characteristic of veneered plywood.

Some species, particularly Cherry, will darken naturally with age. Wellsford Cabinetry, Inc. will not be liable for the change in appearance of any product, finished or unfinished, due to this aging process. Results of aging will be more obvious when using clear, light or glazed finishes.

Mitered doors are not warranted against joint separations that occur as a result of high humidity or moisture conditions. High humidity will cause the wood to expand, and low humidity will cause shrinkage. Wood movement due to moisture cannot be prevented.

Damage caused by a plumbing leak, or some other form of excessive exposure to water, is not warranted. Your
cabinetry has been made using the finest materials and craftsmanship but it is still only wood and is subject to nicks, gauges, chips, and other damage when subject to abuse. This damage is not covered under warranty.

The lifetime of this warranty will end if a product is discontinued from Wellsford Cabinetry’s offering.

Warpage coverage is provided as outlined on the following pages of this warranty.

Solid wood color may differ due to natural grain variations. Natural and painted finishes will at times vary in color tone and grain characteristics. Wellsford Cabinetry does not warrant their product finishes for wearability or colorfastness. Acrylic fingernails can scrape away the finish over time. This is not covered under warranty.

All warranty claims are for replacement of defective material only. Any material needed in addition to the
defective piece is available for a charge. Wellsford Cabinetry, Inc. expressly disclaims any and all other
warranties, whether expressed or implied.

Original purchaser agrees that any dispute regarding warranty coverage will be submitted exclusively to the
jurisdiction of the state courts for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The original purchaser agrees to personal jurisdiction of those courts.

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is nontransferable.

Warranty claims must be made to the dealer from whom you purchased your cabinetry. If the dealer is
unavailable, then write to:

Wellsford Cabinetry, Inc.
Warranty Department
1810 W. High Street
Stowe, PA 19464

Wellsford Warpage Coverage
Size Restrictions and Tolerances

The warpage coverage must begin with an explanation of the effects of moisture in wood.

  • Any solid wood product will expand or contract over time as moisture and climate conditions change. Miter door styles need low, stable moisture conditions in order for the joints to remain tight. Doors, drawer fronts and wainscot products must conform to the following size restrictions.
  • Effects of moisture, addition or loss of, may include panel expansion, panel contraction, joint expansion or opening (especially on miter doors), stile bowing, stile/rail expansion and stave to stave lines becoming visible in panels. Contraction of finished panels may also produce an effect called white line, in which a narrow strip of unfinished wood becomes visible at the point where the panel inserts into the framing. All framing beads have been engineered with a back bevel to allow finishes to penetrate into the panel raise/framing bead area, helping to reduce the possibility of white line.
  • Wood is a hygroscopic material, meaning that it will absorb or release moisture until it is in equilibrium with the moisture in the air. This is true of all wood, finished and unfinished. Finishing will slow, but not eliminate, the process. Wood exposed to a constant humidity level will achieve constant moisture content (MC). Wood will increase in width and thickness as it increases in MC, and will decrease in width and thickness as it decreases in MC.

This chart indicates the change in a 12” wide panel of various wood species as a result of moisture content increase from 5% to 14%.

The chart indicates that a Hard Maple panel could expand over 3/8”.

This chart shows how Moisture Content relates to relative humidity.

The humidity level in the wood will increase or decrease until it is the same as the humidity level in the room.

For these reasons highlighted in the above charts, cabinetry stored or installed in environments without climate
control are very susceptible to expansion due to moisture and may not be warranted. Examples of this are boats,
vacation homes that do not maintain climate control in the off-season, waterfront homes, coastal regions, and
new construction or renovation in which climate control is neglected.

Tips for Avoiding Moisture-related Problems:

  • You may use the information in the above charts to educate your clients on the importance of climate
    control and the effects of moisture in wood.
  • The charts can also be useful in determining which wood species are least impacted by moisture.
  • Avoid wide framing, especially on miter doors. The wider the framing, the greater chance that joint
    fractures will occur.
  • The use of ¼” plywood center panels creates a more stable door because plywood does not expand and
    contract at the rates of solid wood.
  • Hybrid doors, wood frames with MDF center panels, are great alternatives for painted products. The MDF
    center panel is stable and since it is one piece, it cannot develop stave separation. This is also good for
    painted wainscot products. Wellsford will use an MDF center panel as standard on all Colortone finishes.


Our door and drawer fronts are covered for warpage for the period of one year from the manufacturing date. Both
Center panel size and overall size must be considered. Tolerances are as follows:

Center Panels

  • Frame and Center Panel Products over 47-15/16” in height, but under 25-15/16” in width, must have two center panels top-and-bottom. Additional center panels are required for every multiple of 47-15/16” in height. For this reason, all tall single door wall cabinet doors, tall pantry cabinet doors and tall linen cabinet doors are shipped standard as two panel doors.
  • Frame and Center Panel Products that do not conform to the rules stated above will not be covered under warpage warranty.

Overall Size

  • Allowable tolerances for warpage and twist for frame and center panel doors and drawer fronts are:
    Up to 25-15/16” wide and 47-15/16” high – – – – 1/8”
    Up to 25-15/16” wide and 48” to 64-15/16” high – – – – 1/4”
    Up to 25-15/16” wide and 65” to 83-15/16” high – – – – 5/16”
    Any door exceeding 25-15/16” wide or 83-15/16” high will not be warranted.
  • Allowable tolerances for contraction, expansion and warpage for one piece products are:
    Up to 12” wide and 21-15/16” high – – – – 1/8”
    12-1/16” to 22” wide or 22” to 43-15/16” high – – – – 1/4”
    Any one piece product exceeding 22” wide or 43-15/16” high will not be warranted.
  • All three piece products over 44” wide and 14” high are not warranted.
  • Wainscot products are not warranted above 25-15/16” wide and 83-15/16” high. Normally, if wainscot
    products are warped, they can be straightened out when they are attached to the cabinetry or wall. Since
    wainscot is typically installed with mechanical fasteners, it is not subject to the forces and potential for
    movement seen in hinged cabinet doors.