Framed and Frameless

Framed and Frameless

Wellsford offers both traditional framed cabinetry and frameless (full-access) cabinetry. The decision on which cabinet construction to use depends on aesthetics and space.


Our framed line has the floors inset into the cabinet sides, as well as the face frame. We also add additional support under the floor so it will withstand daily use.

3/4” and 1” face frames use mortise and tenon joinery available in a variety of bead styles:

  • Non-beaded, 1/4” bead, 3/8” bead
  • 1” frame available for French inset bead with a 3/4″ door


Frameless cabinets highlight the clean lines in the transitional, contemporary, and modern design styles. It is a full overlay cabinet and best suited when you want to minimize the gaps between the doors and drawers.

  • Wood-doweled construction with a dowel approximately every 5” for support
  • 3/4” case construction

Quality is in the Details.

We use wood glue, clamps, and wood joinery to construct our cabinets. Fasteners are used to hold items in place until the glue dries, not as a means of integrating the parts. We never use hot melt glue or plastic corner blocks. Whether you choose framed or frameless, our cabinets have 1/2” captive backs so you can be sure that it will be securely anchored to the wall.

These details are often not discussed because they are not as exciting as selecting a door style, or finish color. However, they are vital to knowing that your cabinetry investment is being made towards a product that will enhance your home and not become a maintenance issue in the coming years.

Choose Quality.
Choose Wellsford.

We take pride in our cabinet construction and take great care during our initial engineering to make sure that our cabinetry will live up to our lifetime warranty.
Contact your Wellsford Dealer to determine if framed or frameless is right for your project.